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Commencing 1 February 2023, the Refresh.ED curriculum materials and resources will be transitioning to a new online website. The new Western Australian (WA) Whole of School Healthy Eating Program (FreshSNAP), is an integrated, comprehensive, statewide advisory and implementation service that is available to support schools to create healthy food environments and deliver nutrition education.

All schools in WA will have access to a new interactive website that will house a range of free tools, resources, curriculum materials and online training; including the Refresh.ED curriculum materials and resources.

As of 1 February 2023, the Refresh.ED resources will be start to be available on the FreshSNAP website We expect all resources to have been migrated to the new FreshSNAP website by 31 August 2023.

During this transition period all Refresh.ED resources will continue to be available on this website for download (until 31 August 2023). After this date the website will be decommissioned.

Please take a tour of the exciting new FreshSNAP website and explore the new services and resources available to assist schools in creating healthier food environments for WA school children.

FreshSNAP are providing free phone and email support if you require further assistance.

P: 1300 737 753


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