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Professional Engagement

Refresh.ED advocates and supports a whole school and community approach to enhance student knowledge, attitudes and skills in nutrition, healthy eating and related food literacy. This will require teachers to engage with colleagues, parents/carers and the community in a number of ways:

  • Teachers can action suggestions for unit-specific whole school, parent and community engagement included in the ‘additional activities’ component of each Refresh.ED unit.
  • Teachers can use the Refresh.ED scope and sequence and curriculum materials as a basis for engagement with colleagues to plan integrated teaching of nutrition across year levels and/or learning areas within the school.
  • Teachers can engage with colleagues, parents and community to advocate school policies and procedures that align with the core nutrition content delivered in the classroom as part of Refresh.ED.

The Refresh.ED project staff will be working with several schools and Health Promoting School Officers later in 2014 to develop a whole-of-school professional learning package to facilitate these activities in relation to Refresh.ED

Also, Edith Cowan University is currently undertaking research to develop a resource for parents which will compliment and align with the information delivered as part of Refresh.ED.