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Participate in research and be in a draw to win $100

 What motivates and supports primary school teachers to teach food and nutrition?

Calling all primary school teachers and final year pre-service primary education students

New opportunity to participate in research and be in a draw to win $100

Refresh.ED Manager Margaret Miller is conducting PhD research to investigate what would motivate and support primary school teachers to include nutrition in their classroom teaching.The results will help ECU develop a new resource for teachers.

Primary school teachers as well as final year primary education students are invited to complete a 15-20 minute online survey about this topic. The survey is anonymous and you don’t need to be a nutrition expert or to have taught nutrition to be part of it. Full information on the research is available in the Teacher information sheet.

Please complete the survey by 15 September 2018 to be eligible for a $100 prize draw.

To start the survey, click on this link.


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