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Food For Sport

Introduction This unit examines recommended foods to fuel the body, before, during and after sport, and explores how food outlets at sporting venues including sporting clubs, leisure and recreation centres can promote healthy options and choices to consumers. By reviewing the resources available from the Fuel to Go & Play®

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All About Milks                                         

Introduction In this unit students will explore the health benefits of milk and milk related products and use food labels to guide healthy choices. Different types of milk including full cream, skim, lactose free, soy and almond milk will be explored and taste tested. Current health information sourced through online

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Know Your Drinks

Introduction In this unit, students explore Australian Guide to Healthy Eating advice to ‘drink plenty of water’ and the range of health benefits this provides. They also investigate other sources of fluid including soft drink, diet soft drink, energy drinks and sports drinks and the nutritional value and detriments of

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Influences on Our Choices

Introduction A nutritious diet is critical for optimal growth and development in children. Food habits developed in childhood shape lifelong eating habits. This unit encourages students to make informed and healthy food choices. It helps students understand what affects food choices, particularly situational influences including peers, family and media. Students

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