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Curriculum, teaching and learning materials

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA):

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating resources:

Diet and oral health materials (Drinks and Healthy Teeth, Sugar: A Sticky Situation) from Dental Health Services, WA:

Eat for Health Educator Guide:

Food allergy materials from Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia:

Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc.

WA Curriculum and Assessment outline:

Food and nutrition programs for schools

Better Health Company, WA:

Crunch & Sip, Cancer Council, WA:

Food Sensations, Foodbank, WA:

Healthy School Food and Drink Policy, Department of Education, WA:

School Breakfast Program, Foodbank, WA:

School Canteen Association, WA (WASCA):

Supporting Nutrition in Australian Childcare (SNAC), WA:

WA Health Promoting Schools Association inc. (WAHPSA):

Waste Wise Schools Program, Waste Authority, WA:

OzHarvest FEAST, food waste education program:

Food and nutrition information

Australian Dietary Guidelines, Eat for Health:

Better Health Channel, Vic:

Calculating Energy balance, NSW Food Authority:

Get up & Grow program:

Kitchen Gardens South Australia, supporting kitchen gardens to Flourish:

Nutrition Australia:

Food and nutrition interactive online tools

K-year 6

Food balance game helping Peach and Basil select healthy foods (4-13 years):

Year 7-10

Eat for Health Daily energy, nutrient, serves calculators:

NSW Food Authority Energy calculators:

Live Lighter Sugary drinks calculator:

Healthy recipes

Go for 2 & 5 Kids in the Kitchen recipes:

Go for 2 & 5 recipes:

Nutrition Australia recipes: