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Quick Find Curriculum Material

Learning Areas

Refresh.ED supports nutrition education in many learning areas. All Refresh.ED units are designed for teaching in a specific learning area but have elements that could be taught in others.

Depending on its focus area, nutrition content and pedagogical approaches, each unit is linked to one of the following learning areas:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Design and Technologies (Home economics)
  • Science
  • English
  • Mathematics

Use the Quick Find Curriculum Materials to search for units designed for these learning areas.

As a secondary search, also check the general capabilities table within each Refresh.ED unit for other possibilities.  For example, many learning tasks address literacy and numeracy and may be applicable in English and Mathematics.  Likewise, learning tasks addressing intercultural understanding may be suitable for Geography or History.

A focus on food can be a relevant and engaging way to achieve outcomes in many learning areas as well as teaching critical food and nutrition survival skills.