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Quick Find Curriculum Material

Focus Areas

Refresh.ED aims to support nutrition education that not only builds knowledge and understanding about food and nutrition but also develops enthusiasm and skills to select and prepare healthy foods.

Therefore at each year level Refresh.ED provides age appropriate units in four food and drink focus areas;

FAS-S-01Food and drink Source

These units relate to the nature of food, its production, technologies and availability.

FAS-S-06Food and drink Choice

These units relate to food selection, portion size, influences, finding and interpreting nutrition information food labels, shopping and budgeting.

FAS-S-11Food and drink Experience

These units relate to menu planning, food preparation and cooking, food storage and food safety.

FAS-S-16Food, drink and Health

These units relate to how food and nutrition impacts on health and wellbeing.

Use the Quick Find Curriculum Materials to search for units in each focus area and year level.