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Refresh.ED provide teachers with an extensive collection of Kindergarten – Year 10 food and nutrition curriculum materials across four food and drink focus areas: SOURCE, CHOICE, EXPERIENCE & HEALTH.

These learning tasks link to a range of curriculum learning areas and can be applied in cross-curriculum inquiry based projects.





Food from Nature and Nurture Knowing My Food Safe in the Kitchen Food and My Body
Year 1
Farm to Fork Choosing Food Groups Ready to Cook Introducing Food Groups
Year 2
Planet to Plate Introducing Serves Food Practices & Traditions To Grow, Be Healthy and Active 
Year 3
Knowing and Growing Our Food Eating for Variety Exploring Snacks Eating to Needs
Year 4
Food and Environment Balanced Diet Breakfast Around the World  Unpacking Foods
Year 5
Food Systems  Influences on Our Choices  Exploring Food and Food Safety  Limiting Salt, Fat and Sugar
Year 6
Food Production & Technology Over Time Balanced Eating Plan  Food Safety for Health & Environment A Closer Look at Nutrients and Energy 
Year 7
Food in Australia Over Time All Things Milk Recipes Across the Lifespan A Close Look at Digestion
Year 8
Getting Food Fast Promoting Staple Foods Food for Sport Food Allergies & Intolerances
Year 9
Understanding Food Systems Taste of Asia Food Labels Exposed Food Aid Know Your Drinks
Year 10
Sustainable Food Systems Alternative Nutrition Sources Healthy Canteens Exploring Energy Sources

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