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Quick Bites



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Refresh.ED Quick Bites are shorter activities to introduce food and nutrition topics to students. The Quick Bites cover a range of recommended food and nutrition topics suitable for primary and secondary students. Some of the activities complement the existing Refresh.ED Curriculum Units, so educators can choose to extend their teaching of the topics by using the additional Refresh.ED resources.

Whilst each Quick Bites activity has a year level and learning area to align with curriculum, all could be adapted for different classroom needs to target critical life skills and understandings.


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Swap to Healthy Eating video

Developed as part of the Quick Bites resources, Swap to Healthy Eating introduces concepts of healthy eating to students, demonstrates whether adolescents are meeting the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommendations, and provides examples of healthy food and drink swaps to reduce consumption of discretionary foods. Swap to Healthy Eating is a great introduction to any of the Quick Bites activities below.


Quick Bites are categorised into the four Focus Areas. Select a title from the table to open the activity.





Food Journey

Packaging Investigation

Five Senses and Food

Knowing Your Nutrients

Farm to Fork

Food Groups Wordsearch

Food Safety – Escape Room

Understanding Food Processing

Fill My Healthy Plate

Cooking Bingo

Food for Sport

Food Supply Chain

Food Advertising

Cooking with Your Kids – Recipe Booklet

Where Does it Come From?


Plant-Based Eating

Sam’s Healthy Plate

Being Safe in the Kitchen

Swap to Healthy Eating Video

Portion Distortion

Using Recipes for Numeracy and Literacy