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Know Your Drinks

Year 9


In this unit, students explore Australian Guide to Healthy Eating advice to ‘drink plenty of water’ and the range of health benefits this provides. They also investigate other sources of fluid including soft drink, diet soft drink, energy drinks and sports drinks and the nutritional value and detriments of each of these. Sustainability issues such as environment and cost are raised in a comparison of tap water and bottled water. Students assess their own intake of water and alternate drinks and evaluate the health, financial and environmental impacts of this consumption.

Learning Tasks Included in this Unit

1. The real cost of processed drinks

This learning task enables students to explore drinks including water and other popular beverages which are high in sugar or caffeine.

2. Energy drinks – do they really give you wings?

In this learning task, students investigate energy drinks and their ingredients. Explore how energy drinks are promoted as beneficial in increasing stamina, and improving physical performance, endurance and concentration.

3. Tap or bottled – that is the question

This learning task examines tap versus bottled water and which is really ‘better’. Emphasis is placed on environmental and sustainability issues linked with a high consumption of bottled water.

4. Weighing up drink choices

Food Standards Australia New Zealand regulates the composition of energy drinks sold in Australia.

Links to the Australian Curriculum

This unit has been linked to the Western Australian Curriculum and Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.

Please refer to the unit for more information

Possibilities also exist for unit content to be linked with Science and Technologies learning areas. Please refer to the unit for more information.