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Influences on Our Choices

Year 5


A nutritious diet is critical for optimal growth and development in children. Food habits developed in childhood shape lifelong eating habits. This unit encourages students to make informed and healthy food choices. It helps students understand what affects food choices, particularly situational influences including peers, family and media. Students learn they need to select from a variety of foods each day, over the week and at different times of the year, to ensure they are obtaining sufficient of all essential nutrients. Students will learn vocabulary such as legumes, tofu, saturated fat, sodium, diabetes, discretionary, influence, persuade, criteria, regulations and access.

Learning tasks included in this unit

1. Why we eat what we eat

In this learning task, students review the Five Food Groups on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating poster and consider what influences peoples’ food choices.

2. Ad persuasion

This learning task explores the influence of advertising on food choices. Students discuss strategies they have seen used by advertising companies to gain the viewer’s attention.

3. Planning to get it right

In this learning task students consider barriers to them eating healthy foods and ways to overcome these barriers. They apply their knowledge of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating to plan and prepare a healthy class meal and snack to share with family.

4. Changing the culture

Students review internal and external influences on their food choices. They plan and role play responses to food choice scenarios.

5. The power of one

Students review their food intake over a day against the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, what influenced their choices and how they can change these influences.

Links to the Curriculum

WA Curriculum & Australian Curriculum

This unit has been linked to the Western Australian Curriculum and Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.

Please refer to the unit for more information


Possibilities also exist for unit content to be linked to the Economics and Business learning area. Please refer to the unit for more information.