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Food From Nature and Nurture



This unit introduces students to the roles of nature and nurture in the process of food production by engaging students in planting, tending and observing plant growth. Involvement in this process also helps foster an interest in environmental sustainability. Key vocabulary introduced includes: food, shelter, sunshine, watering, planting, sowing, feeding, fertilising, and harvesting.

Learning tasks included in this unit

1. From little things big things grow

This learning task introduces students to the concept that seeds and grains can be used to produce foods. The storybook ‘The little red hen’ is used to help teach this message.

2. Baking bread

To help consolidate the teachings of the first learning task, this learning task provides students with the opportunity to assist in baking a loaf of bread.

3. Pizza garden

This learning task consists of three parts. In part A, the focus is on students growing herbs and easily grown vegetables. In part B, students are to keep a class diary to monitor the growth of the seedlings and finally, in part C, students have the opportunity to use the grown herbs and vegetables to make a healthy pizza.

4. Music to grow by

Through the use of music and dance, this activity allows students to creatively interpret Spring time.

Links to the Curriculum

WA Curriculum & Australian Curriculum

This unit has been linked to the Western Australian Curriculum and Australian Curriculum: Science.

Please refer to the unit for more information


Possibilities also exist for unit content to be linked with Health and Physical Education and Technologies learning areas. Please refer to the unit for more information.