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Food For Sport

Year 8


This unit examines recommended foods to fuel the body, before, during and after sport, and explores how food outlets at sporting venues including sporting clubs, leisure and recreation centres can promote healthy options and choices to consumers. By reviewing the resources available from the Fuel to Go & Play® program, students consider the sample food and drink menus from a sporting club/venue and design, cook and prepare a healthier alternative which could be added to the menu.

Learning tasks included in this unit

  1. Game plan

This learning task introduces students to the best food and drinks to fuel the body before, during and after sport.

  1. On the mark

This learning task focuses on the Healthy Options WA Food and Nutrition Policy and strategies used by Fuel to Go & Play® to promote healthy eating at sporting clubs and venues.

  1. Under review

This learning task requires students to review a range of sporting club sample menus using a Traffic Light system which supports the Healthy Options WA Food and Nutrition Policy.

  1. The sales pitch

This learning task requires students to select an item from an existing menu to modify and improve.


Links to curriculum

This unit has been linked to the Western Australian and Australian curriculum: Design and Technologies.

Possibilities also exist for unit content to be linked to. Health and Physical Education and English.

Please refer to the unit for more information.


Additional resources

On the mark – Strategies for promoting healthy eating at sporting clubs and venues – Presentation

Sample assessment tasks

Sample assessment tasks with marking keys are provided for download below.

Year 8 Food for Sport Design & Technology Sample Assessment Task

Year 8 Food for Sport Health & Physical Education Sample Assessment Task