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Background to Refresh.ED

2012 – 2022

Refresh.ED was initially developed as a component of the Western Australian Healthy Children Program, funded by the Department of Health, Western Australia under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

Edith Cowan University was contracted to develop, promote and evaluate K-10 food and nutrition curriculum support materials as part of this program.

Commencing 1 July 2022, Refresh.ED resources will be an integral part of the new WA Whole of School Healthy Eating Program funded by the WA Department of Health. ECU is proud to have worked with Department of Health, schools, teachers, professional organisations and other stakeholders to develop, promote and evaluate the website and resources since 2012, but now we are handing over this role to the providers of the new Program, Nutrition Australia WA.

Aim: Provide teachers with quality nutrition education materials

11-refresh-edWhilst food and nutrition is traditionally taught in health and technology classes, promotion of healthy eating has application in all learning areas. Teachers can help children understand, as well as motivate, their interest in healthy eating. Most important, teachers can provide a learning environment that develops children’s knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for making healthy choices.

The immediate aim of Refresh.ED is to provide teachers with ready access to quality teaching and professional learning materials that support and motivate them to include food and nutrition across learning areas and school year levels.

History: Under continual development since 2013

The original format and content of materials were developed, trialled and reviewed in Western Australian schools in 2013.  The Refresh.ED website and a subset of materials were released in May 2014, with more materials following throughout the year.  Monitoring of website use, teacher feedback and materials review and development is ongoing.