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Refresh.ED was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and to complement existing nutrition promotion programs in schools and community.

Stakeholder consultation

Early development of Refresh.ED Scope and Sequence was informed by consultation with expert practitioners and academics in the fields of nutrition and education. These stakeholders contributed through a forum, Delphi survey and/or individual consultation.

Practicing and pre-service teachers provided input through piloting of materials, a survey of professional learning needs and individual consultation.

A small number of stakeholders provided  a reference group to advise the Refresh.ED team as required during the development phase. This group comprised:

  • Lyn Dymond Lecturer (Home Economics), School of Education, Edith Cowan University (ECU)
  • Jill Darby Lecturer (Health Promotion), School of Exercise and Health Sciences, ECU
  • Dr Matt Byrne Senior Lecturer (Indigenous Education), School of Education, ECU
  • Lana Hinton Principal Consultant, School Curriculum and Standards Authority, WA
  • Kris Stafford Principal Consultant – School Curriculum and Standards Authority, WA
  • Denise Mathews Consultant Curriculum Writer, Year 5 teacher
  • Anne Miller Regional Operations/Curriculum and Resource Coordinator – SDERA
  • Marilyn Yates Principal Consultant, K-12 Curriculum – Department of Education, WA

Complementary Programs

Refresh.ED curriculum materials were developed with consideration of other Government funded projects and programs which provide resources for nutrition education in Western Australian schools.

Content review and/or consultation was undertaken to determine how complementary program materials could be linked into Refresh.ED curriculum support materials. Programs incorporated include: