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Refresh.ED research leaders and staff from left: Associate Professor Amanda Devine, Margaret Miller, Samantha Baker, Karen Lombardi, Associate Professor Stacey Waters, Dr Jo Jung and Dr Stuart Medley (absent Dr Natasha Pearce).

Leadership Team

Refresh.ED development was led by a multi-disciplinary team from the Schools of Medical and Health Sciences, Education and Communication and Arts at Edith Cowan University.

Margaret Miller and Associate Professor Amanda Devine are experienced public health nutritionists with broad experience in nutrition promotion and evaluation across all age groups.  Associate Professor Stacey Waters and Dr Natasha Pearce are leaders in school based health promotion program design, implementation and evaluation. Dr Jo Jung and Dr Stuart Medley are specialists in educational multi-media and graphic design.

Project Management

Margaret Miller managed Refresh.ED since inception in 2012. Project staff involved in the day to day implementation have included Samantha Baker, Karen Lombardi, Emily Hamilton, Helen Hudson, Ellen Morrow, Brittany Hanson and Jennifer Hanna.

Resource development

Teaching and learning materials were developed with assistance from curriculum writers Anne Miller, Kim Chute, Denise Mathews and Bernadette O’Gorman and Jennifer Hanna.

Edith Cowan University Communications and Arts students Hayley Seekamp, Hayley Leeke and Chloe Griffiths were responsible for graphic design of learning materials and Daniel Price for logo, template and website design.