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Scope and Sequence for Refresh.ED’s nutrition teaching and learning materials


The Refresh.ED scope and sequence defines key focus areas, messages and content needed to develop appropriate food and nutrition awareness, knowledge, understanding, application and critical analysis as children progress from kindergarten to year 10.

The scope and sequence informed content of Refresh.ED teaching and learning materials at different year levels. Download copies of the scope & sequence and related key messages and content descriptions here.

Development of scope and sequence

A literature review was undertaken to inform development of a draft Refresh.ED scope and sequence.  This drew on existing international food and nutrition curriculum frameworks, theories related to development of children’s learning and eating habits; and the Australian Dietary Guidelines.  A two-round Delphi process and a stakeholder workshop were conducted with Western Australian nutrition education experts to refine and validate the draft for local context.

Four food and drink focus areas (source, choice, experience and health) and five developmental stages based on Australian Curriculum age bands were defined and used to scaffold content.  Food and nutrition content and key messages at each developmental stage were also agreed by the panel of experts. Read more…