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About Refresh.ED Nutrition Education

Online Nutrition Education Resources

Refresh.ED provides teachers with ready access to quality teaching and professional learning materials that support and motivate them to include food and nutrition content from Kindergarten through to Year 10.

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The People, Programs & Principles Behind Refresh.ED

Refresh.ED was developed by a multi-disciplinary team from The Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) at Edith Cowan University. It is a component of the Western Australian Healthy Children Program, funded by the Department of Health, Western Australia as a joint Australian, State and Territory Government initiative under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health.

Suitable Across Multiple Learning Areas

Whilst food and nutrition in traditionally taught in health and technology classes, Refresh.ED provides teachers with a series of food and nutrition curriculum support materials which can be applied across multiple learning areas.

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Refresh.ED is an online teaching resource guided by extensive research, including the Refresh.ED scope and sequence. This scope and sequence informed the content of the Refresh.ED curriculum support materials at different year levels.

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