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Quick Find Curriculum Material

Curriculum Links

Each Refresh.ED unit contains a Links to Curriculum page. This page defines which Western Australian and Australian Curriculum learning areas the unit links to and outlines which specific strands, sub-strands and content descriptions are met through delivery of the unit.

General capabilities table

The Australian Curriculum describes seven general capabilities which extend across each learning area.  General capabilities addressed in each Refresh.ED learning task are highlighted by shading in a table for each unit.

Each Refresh.ED learning task incorporates at least three general capabilities defined by the Australian Curriculum.

Curriculum Connections using Refresh.ED

ACARA has launched a new resource called ‘Curriculum Connections’ that identifies connections across learning areas of the F-10 Australian Curriculum for several cross-cutting topics, including food and fibre and food and wellbeing. Refresh.ED offers teaching units already designed to address Curriculum Connections. Most units link directly with Health and Physical Education or Technologies, but can be linked to one or more other learning areas. A new table ‘Additional Links to the Australian Curriculum’ has been provided within each unit to show how it links to these additional learning areas.

We are working on a summary for all years for each learning area. Check out the summary for K – 6 Health and Physical Education for a taste of things to come.